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Kimchi Fried Rice!

My go-to recipe, this fried rice is packed pull of flavor. It’s best made with homemade kimchi!

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Green Onion Kimchi!

A delicious and quick Kimchi made from green onions! Can be enjoyed fresh but tastes best after a week!

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Korean Seaweed Soup!

A great, quick version of the Korean birthday classic. Perfect for a late night, cold day, or to share with friends!

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Welcome to SooHoFoods!

Here my mission is simple: Teach you how to make your favorite Asian dishes and expand your culinary knowledge!

Here at SooHoFoods you’ll find a growing collection of Korean, Chinese, Thai and other Asian recipes. I am constantly testing/ tweaking ingredients to make them as accessible as possible.*

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*Some ingredients have been tested and were found irreplaceable.

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